Furry Art Multiuploader

A simple way to post your art to multiple sites and accounts.

Now supporting FurAffinity, FurryNetwork, Inkbunny, SoFurry, Tumblr, Twitter and Weasyl!

Hey artists! I'm looking for someone to help rebrand this site to something more inviting. If anyone would like to be commissioned for some sort of mascot and color design, please let me know!



What this tool does

This tool enables users to share their work across multiple sites, instead of having to upload on every site manually.

You simply select the image you wish to upload, and it applies the same title, description, tags, and content rating to all sites you have selected.

It also transparently handles converting links to profiles and other websites to the correct format for each website.

A note on security

Unlike many furry websites, we have a strong focus on privacy. There are no advertisements or tracking scripts and server access logs are purged daily. All login data is fully encrypted with the user's own password. This is why you must type in your password before adding an account or uploading a new submission. This means, even if our database was compromised, any resulting data would be useless.

For those technically inclined, passwords are hashed using bcrypt with 12 rounds. Account login data is encrypted with AES256 using an open source library available here.

Site source code with eventually be released after cleaning and refactoring. Contact Syfaro if you would like to audit the code or have any other suggestions or bug reports.


If you have forgotten your password or are having other issues with the site, feel free to contact me using any method you prefer. If you wish to close your account, you may contact me and I will wipe all of your stored data from the server.